Our Services

Web Design

Design a website is not only put text and pictures together. Is also feel the sense of what your company wants to said and how do you perceive that your customers will response to that sense.


Search engine optimization has become one of the most necessary tools for companies in the last decade, here at BGI can put your company on the spotlight over the internet.

Graphic Design

It’s no secret that design is simply perceive how the company’s ‚ wants to sell and how customer wants to buy, that’s why here at BGI we always keep innovating in design , perception and relations.

Email Marketing

From a regular email, to a complete campaign, on all social media platforms, here at BGI we put creativity at to the levels that you never expect. Always including you on the creative process.


Social Media Optimization is no only posting‚ stuff on Facebook or twitter, is targeting your customers on the right way, and putting their interest in your products or services.


Deciding to sell online can be a cumbersome decision, especially when there is so much competition in the Market, that's why at BGI we take the time to create the most complete online stores so our customers only worry about their profits.


Speed, security and reliability are the basic factors of maintenance a web page or an application so We partner with Hostgator, one of the largest hosting companies in the world, with the sole objective of providing peace of mind to our customers

Book Keeping

Because your business needs what you do best, take care of it and let BGI take care of the non-sense stuff, our bookkeeping programs are affordable for every company.

TV Ads

Innovating, that is our goal, and because marketing is not only design, that why we create our own way to push marketing, for the small, medium, and large business. adding your ads to restaurants, salons and waiting rooms is another way to show you business.